Week 4: Featuring Erroll Garner

Erroll Garner "The Lady is a Tramp," Eddie Calhoun on Bass, Kelly Martin on Drums

Original Song: The Lady is a Tramp (1937) by Richard Rodgers

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
Nocturne in E flat

Erroll Garner (1923-1977)
This Time It's Real
No More Shadows

Erroll Garner (1923-1977)

Misty (1954)



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April 2018 Issue of THE PHYSICS TEACHER

April 2018 Issue of THE PHYSICS TEACHER

You are 1 (Do). Who is most compatible with you by sound?

Is it your neighbor next door?

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DNA speaking, you are most compatible with yourself!

You and Your Clone = THE UNISON

Be with yourself. Stay at Home. Go nowhere.

House Icons Courtesy www.iconfinder.com, DNA Image by Roland1952 (Wikipedia)

Stay at Home (The 1-Chord or 1-Triad)

  • Frère Jacques (Brother John)

Dave Brubeck and The 1-Chord

  • From a performance years later, Dave Brubeck improvising with the 1-Chord.

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Other than yourself, who is most compatible with you?

Method 1: Play Do together which each note to see which pair blends best.

Method 2: Guess which is best by looking at the numbers (names).

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The octave is the most pleasing after the unison.

Do and Do junior, the next generation. You and your son.

You are 1 (Do). Who is NOT compatible with you?

House Icons Courtesy www.iconfinder.com

Neighbors that are very incompatible with you.

Dissonant Intervals

  • Interval of the 2nd: notes 1 and 2 simultaneously clash.
    • Notes 1 and 2 off base compared to the 1-1 unison.
  • Interval of the 7th: notes 1 and 7 simultaneously clash.
    • The 7 is off base compared to the 1' octave.

Moving in gets farther from the outer dissonance of the 2 and 7.

  • The 3 and the 6 are not as bad as the 2 and 7,
  • and the 4 and 5 are quite compatible to the 1.
  • Note the symmetry for the four notes 1, 4, 5, 1'.
  • The importance of 1, 4, and 5 in classical and in jazz (the blues).

Chuck Berry (1926-2017), The Prince of Rock and Roll

Maybellene (1955) - Pioneering Rock Song (a Blues)


Keyboard Economics

Investment at about 6% Interest.

  • Compare 1 with itself: 100:100 = 1:1
  • Octave: 200 compared to 100 = 2:1
  • Fifth: 150 compared to 100 = 3:2
  • Fourth: 133 compared to 100 = 4:3
  • The fifth wins (Dominant), the fourth is next (Subdominant).

Who wins, the 4th or the 5th?


Wynton Marsalis: The 4th is the same distance below the 1 and the 5th is above the 1!

I want to go somewhere harmonically.

  • Then don't stay home like the "Brother John" song.
  • Don't go to your son's home, the 1' is still 1, still in the family.
  • Go visit the 5, your Friend on Facebook.

Start at Home (1) and Go to (5), then come back Home.

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb (1878 earliest recording)
  • Alouette (1879 publication)

Friends on Facebook

  • You are Bugs. The Bugs is 1. Home.
  • Kermit is a Friend of Bugs on Facebook (a Fifth Higher)
  • Smurf is a Friend of a Friend.

The 2-5-1

Scott Joplin
James Price Johnson

Black Music and Major Impacts on Mainstream White Society

1. Ragtime

Black Music and Major Impacts on Mainstream White Society

2. Jazz and the Roaring Twenties

Black Music and Major Impacts on Mainstream White Society

2. The Roaring Twenties Continued - The Charleston

James Price Johnson
The Charleston (1923)
in the Broadway Show "Runnin' Wild"
Black Musical Theatre: The Colonial Theatre in NY

Scott Joplin
James Price Johnson
Erroll Garner
Garner Ragtime Version of Indiana
Swing with Strumming

Erroll Garner (1923-1977) - Swing with Strumming

The Way You Look Tonight

Erroll Garner (1923-1977)

Night Wind

Musical Parents of Samba and Bossa Nova

European (Western) Rhythm + African (Non-Western) Polyrhythm

Antônio Carlos (Tom) Jobim (1927-1994): One Note Samba (1960)

Music by Jobim, Portuguese Lyrics by Newton Mendonça (1927-1960)

Musical Parents of Jazz

European (Western) Rhythm + African (Non-Western) Polyrhythm

Erroll Garner "One Note Samba," Eddie Calhoun on Bass, Kelly Martin on Drums

Original Song by Jobim

Erroll Garner (1923-1977)

One Note Samba (m. Jobim, l. Mendonça)
I'll Remember April by Don Raye, Patricia Jonstron, and Gene de Paul (1941)

Erroll Garner (1923-1977)

Something Happens

They Can't Take That Away from Me

by George and Ira Gershwin

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Erroll Garner (1923-1977)

"They Can't Take That Away from Me" by the Gershwins